Monday, April 05, 2010

Keywords & Keyphrases - Are they still worthwhile????

Yes Yes Yes!

Many “experts” are saying this element of your site development is a waste of time and that search engines aren’t paying attention to them anymore. Google is the only search engine as of today that ignores < meta > tag keywords/phrases. All the other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo, still use keyword/phrase < meta > tags to learn about your website which leads to better indexing. It is true that they are not as affective as they used to be, but when added correctly, keywords/phrases can only help your website. Stick to 20-30 strong words or phrases that incorporate what you do and where or who you serve and you will be on your way!

Besides, you need to come up with these words and phrases anyway because you want to use them in your content, < alt > and and < title > tags. Rich, descriptive content and tags are very important elements of SEO.

*SEO rules are always changing. Stay educated to learn the latest and greatest!

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