Wednesday, June 23, 2010

InfoPathways Participates in the 2010 IT CarreerPaths with Carroll Community College

InfoPathways Participates in the 2010 IT CarreerPaths with Carroll Community College

2009 IT CareerPaths Student HIRED by InfoPathways

WESTMINSTER, MD. June, 2010. On Monday, June 21st, the Carroll Community College IT CareerPaths participants concluded the first day of the program with a network troubleshooting exercise at InfoPathways. IT CareerPaths is an intensive, four day continuing education program for high school students interested in an Information Technology Career. InfoPathways set up over half a dozen computers with identical problems for the 17 students to solve. Thom Bethune (co‐owner of InfoPathways), Jovan Nikolovski (network engineer) and Wes Combs (2009 IT CareerPaths graduate) guided students through the process, giving tips and advice along the way. The students were divided into 6 teams to compete against each other. Each team was provided with a laptop experiencing identical problems, challenged by a series of common configurations errors and missconfigurations. They were given the task to solve the problem (no connectivity) rather than the symptom (no internet connection).

Wesley Combs, 2009 graduate of the IT CareerPaths program, joined the InfoPathways Team Monday the 21st as well. Wesley is currently studying Computer Science at Carroll Community College. “In 2009, IT CareerPaths toured multiple companies. The students, including myself, learned so many things. This valuable experience showed us how various businesses incorporate technology into their work. IT CareerPaths chose interesting companies for us to interact with, all focusing on different areas of technology which allowed us to grow. Fate had it that I applied and was hired by one of the organizations we toured at IT CareerPaths. ”

To learn more about Carroll Community College’s IT CareerPaths Program, call (410) 386‐8100 or go to For more information about the activity at InfoPathways or on their new employee, contact Thom Bethune at (410) 751‐9929.

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