Monday, July 19, 2010

Client Appreciation - Night Blooming Primroses

Photography by Kelly Heck - Primrose Time Lapse
On Friday night, InfoPathways hosted their 2nd Annual Client Appreciation event at Doug and Susie Heck's home.

We had a great turnout, enjoying good food and drink as we sat around the Night Blooming Flower Gardens. Susie gave an interesting lecture on Night Blooming Flowers and nightlife as the sun set, ending just in time for the first Primroses to open. The image to the right is of a Primrose in it's first stages of opening, provided by Kelly Heck. Below is the flower totally open - from closed to open, this process can take 3 seconds to four minutes.

Photography by Kelly HeckHoney bees, sphinx and hawk moths joined us as the fragrance of the blooms spread over the gardens. Each group left with their very own primrose to take home and plant in their gardens.

Below are more photos from the evening. Enjoy and hope to see many of you next year!

Photography by Kelly Heck
Photography by Kelly Heck
Photography by Kelly Heck

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