Monday, August 16, 2010

1, 2, 3 : Marketing, Websites & Social Media

  1. MARKETING: When you send email from work, are you using a consistent email signature? Outlook and most other email tools will allow you to do this so you do not have to retype it. A signature is that block that says something like:

    Kelly M. Heck
    InfoPathways - Web Design & Photography
    (410) 751-9929 x105"

    ... it should include your name, where you work, what you do and your contact information. And ALWAYS include your website address as a working link. It will get you more traffic and makes visiting your website more convenient to your clients and potential clients receiving your emails.

    Another thing, it's really annoying when I need to call someone and the only signature they have is their name. LAME! CONVENIENCE!!! Make it easy and customers are more likely to work with you.
  2. WEBSITES: Looking for more, unique traffic? It takes time to build, so be patient. But if you aren't getting the traffic you desire (are you making sure by using Google Analytics? Talk to us about it - we have an inexpensive, one-time set-up fee), consider adding useful information to your website. Make it a place for people to get something other than your contact information. Announcements/Events/Helpful Links/Monthly Articles/etc. Is your site the one-stop-shop for something that your potential clients and/or locals need? An educational item, a reference, etc.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA: Once you have built up enough followers on your Facebook Fan (now "like") page, set-up a vanity URL that uses your company name. If your company name is not available, maybe use your website domain name or something related to your company and what you provide:

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