Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Benefits of Leveraging Remote Help

A variety of Remote Help tools are available with great functionality, providing remote trouble-shooting of operational problems. These tools also provide an ideal way to demonstrate features, concepts and solutions to a person or group that may not be geographically convenient. Remote Help, like remote access, is when someone (in this case a technician) remotely connects to your computer system from another location in order to solve your problems. Neither party is required to travel.

Achieving Quicker Response Time

You don’t have to wait hours, days or weeks for your computer to be returned to you; everything can be done online, and resolved immediately without an office visit. Remote Help is meant to provide timely services around the clock. You receive support from experts with advanced systems, network monitoring and management tools to resolve the problem at hand in a shorter time frame.

Reducing Costs

Travel costs are eliminated and the troubleshooting and repair process will take less time. There are no bulky, pricey programs to buy or download. If we can reduce our cost, we can reduce your cost for support. Remote Help is a low cost service when you consider the time savings at both ends of the transaction. Note, however, that not all problems can be resolved via remote help.

Easy for You

Remote Help allows manipulation of your computer by a remote technician. You can demonstrate your problem to a technician visually with little or no verbal communication. The technician can see your computer and identify what is wrong with it. There is no need for you to understand how to fix the problem because a trained technician is ready to help. Plus you can watch the process! Furthermore, you can use a remote help tool to present a marketing pitch to potential clients, review project status with your team, or review and discuss the budget with your staff.

Giving You Control

• You initiate the session following the instruction provided to you by the technician.
• The technician requires your permission to control and/or view the computer.
• You can see and monitor what the technician is doing.
• You can end the session at anytime.
• You can stay in touch with the technician throughout the support session.
• Remote control is temporary; when the session is ended, all access rights for the technician are revoked.


Remote Help tools can provide support to a sole proprietor or any number of employees anywhere in the world. These tools can also enable you to demonstrate operational processes, software or website features and host team meetings, even when the participants are at geographically diverse locations.

Please note that you must have an Internet connection to use Remote Help.

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