Thursday, December 02, 2010

Claim Your Google Business

Your website is up to date and you’ve had some search engine optimization (SEO) work done, but you still aren’t receiving a ton of hits on your website. Maybe you are receiving tons of hits, but hey, why not do something to get more? Maybe you don’t have a website at all (you probably should) and you would like some sort of web presence.

One suggestion we give businesses is to claim their business on Google. If your business has been around, Google has probably already figured out your address and business name, so why bother to claim your business? Because there are several bits of information you can add to your Google Business Profile that Google can’t identify. Adding information will help people find you and chose you to do business with. You also have the option of using great features like posting coupons and discounts as well as viewing their Analytics Report (do not confuse this with Google Analytics).

What’s listed in a Google Business Profile?

• Business Name
• Mailing Address
• Website Address
• Phone Number
• Category (types of services/products you provide)
• Hours of Operation
• a Comment area
• Email Address
• Languages Spoken
• Parking Availability
• Payment Accepted
• Up to 10 Photos/Images
• Up to 5 Videos linked from YouTube
• the option to add more detailed categories
• the option to post coupons and discounts
• followed by reviews posted by the community

How to Fill Out Your Business Profile

1. Type your full business address into the Google Maps section ( and click “Search”. You can also type “your business name, city, state” and sometimes just your business name, if it is unique enough, and Google will provide a list of results.

2. Hopefully you will see your business name listed on the left-hand side in the results. Click it. (If you do not see your business listed, experiment with other searches… in rare instances, addresses cannot be found and you may not be able to lay claim to an account yet.)

3. Instantly a little talk bubble shaped window will pop up on the map with your general business information. Click the link that says “more info »” and it will take you to your business profile page.

4. Across the top there is a light blue bar - towards the right, click the link that reads “Edit this place”

5. Edit and add any information that you think is relevant to your business - the more information you can provide in this profile, the better.

6. Once you have completed filling in the new information you will submit it to Google and you will have to confirm it by awaiting a computer generated call to the number you listed and you will punch in a 4-5 digit number that was previously emailed to you. This ensures that a phony entry is not published in place of your real information.

Download the PDF version of "Claim Your Google Business", compliments of InfoPathways, Inc.

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