Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Twitter for Business

The Twitter dance is about interaction. The social medias of the World Wide Web are online venues to build upon your relationships. The first goal is to build trust among your satisfied customers and prompt them to suggest your products and services to their clients, colleagues, friends and other contacts. The second goal is to eavesdrop on conversations about your company and services and the industry in general. You need to get involved in conversations and start conversations to be noticed.
How do you know if someone is talking about you? You can go to to search posts related to you. You can also sign up for TweetBeeps at to receive email alerts when any Tweets related to you pop up.

But is Twitter Right for ME?
Great uses for twitter would be news-worthy “Tweets” or posts, weather updates, school events and delays and closings, etc. People who sign up for these types of Twitter accounts know what they are getting into and should be expecting multiple Tweets per day.
There are businesses, however, that should not send out multiple Tweets a day, or even once daily. If you sell real-estate for example, you may not want to Tweet about every house you’re showing and visiting every day. However, this does not necessarily mean Real-Estate agents and other companies of smaller stature SHOULDN’T be using Twitter. The type of company you have determines HOW you use Twitter. You have to be reasonable, think about what your followers want, and be consistent.
In addition, Twitter is free. You can bet that is the right price.

Make it Worthy of Interruption
Not only are most Twitter users viewing Tweets on their phones, many Tweeters have set their phones up to send tweets directly to their phones by way of a text message. This is good and bad at the same time. Good, because you are placing messages directly into the hands of your followers. Bad, because every Tweet is an interruption of their day… too many Tweets about things your followers do not care about can negatively impact your following. Before you post, consider if it is worth interrupting your followers. Thinking twice? I suggest you reconsider.

A Few Tips
Hashtags, or the # symbol, are used to specify relevant keywords in your Tweets. The purpose of this tool is for better search results in Twitter Search. If you click on a hashtag keyword, all other tweets containing the same hashtag keyword will be displayed. InfoPathways may want to write “#webdesign” instead of “web design”, for example. Like many search features and SEO type tactics, do not abuse this tool. Conversely, ridiculous hashtag keywords have become popular; despite the fact that people would rarely enter the odd phrase in Twitter Search, a funny hashtag keyword may be reused again and again. For example, #MotherInLawNightmare could catch on quickly.
The @ symbol is used to tag other users by their username. InfoPathways’ username is “InfoPathways”, so if Joe Black wants to tag us, he would enter “@InfoPathways” in his Tweet.
Many Twitter users “retweet” (RT) messages. If someone retweets a message you sent them, all of the people who follow them will see your message. Be sure to give credit to the person you RT.

“The entire idea of using Twitter for marketing is to get the people who already follow you to share your content with the people who follow them… that’s viral marketing at its finest.”
Kyle Lacy, author of Twitter Marketing for DUMMIES

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Kelly Heck + April 20, 2011 at 8:57 AM (#) :

You can also consider using a Twitter Feed on your website and/or blog. You can customize them to fit your look (knowing web code helps). We’ve suggested that companies can use this as an announcements column for their business. To do this through Twitter, go to Twitter will generate the code for you and you can copy and paste it into the appropriate location of your website, blog or other online presence. Before doing so, however, decide if it will help or hurt your web presence. With this twitter feed, you cannot control the order of posts. This means you have to be very aware of the use of your Tweets.

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