Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spice Up Your Email Signature

Adding Graphics, Links & Graphics WITH Links in Microsoft Outlook!

It’s nice to have an email signature that stands out. You don’t want it to be too big or too small, but at the same time, you want to include all the conveniences that your recipient may want. Obviously name and contact info are a given, but what about your website, Google Map Directions to your office or links to your social media accounts? Links are so easy to add, and you can even add links to images!

Active hyperlinks in your email signature increase the chance that the recipient will click it. Today, nobody has time to type out your website address or your Facebook URL, so GIVE IT TO THEM! Another great convenience to add is to link your office address to your Google Map directions page!

Also, don’t be afraid to change the coloring or format of your different lines of text. Make certain elements stand out, rather than using all black.

Following are directions on how to add an image to your email signature with a related hyperlink.

Adding Linked Social Media Icons to your Microsoft Outlook Email Signature

  1. Make sure you have the icons you want to use saved somewhere on your computer.
    Note: You can find fun social media icon image packages for free when you do a search on www.google.com. Find some you like and download the files to your computer. If the images are too big for your liking, you can resize them in any image editing program. If you do not have an image editing program, consider downloading Microsoft Paint.NET, which is free! We do not endorse this software – you download it at your own risk.
  2. Open a new email window and click the Signature Button to edit your Email Signatures:
  3. If you have not created an email signature yet, start a new one now by clicking “New”.

    NOTE: If you would like your email signature to insert automatically when you start a new message, reply or forward an email, populate the fields in the right hand column. It will save you time and keep your emails consistent with contact information easily at hand in every message you send!
  4. In the Email Signature Window, click the Insert Image Icon to browse to your image and insert it:
  5. Once the image is inserted, click on it once to highlight it:
  6. Click the Insert Hyperlink Icon located right next to the image icon.
  7. The Hyperlink Window will allow you to insert a related URL (web address) that you will place your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter or other website URL. Make sure you insert the entire website address from http://www All the way to the .com/.org/.net. In this sample, I’ve inserted our InfoPathways Blog Icon, clicked on it, hit the Hyperlink URL and I’ve inserted our blog’s website address, http://infopathways.blogspot.com/.
  8. Click OK. From the email signature window, the link will not work. To test that it works, open a new email window and email it to yourself. When you receive the email and hover over your icon, it should show a little pop-up note to let you know what website address it is linked to.
Go try creating your own custom Email Signature!
Set up an email signature for your new email messages and one for your replies and forwards.

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