Monday, September 09, 2013

Using Print Screen To Your Advantabe

"Print Screen" is a way to capture an image of your computer screen. You may wonder why it's important to know how to do this. I use "Print Screen" multiple times every day for a variety of reasons... to create snippets of images that I can use in graphics, to more easily provide directions to clients (in White Papers and in Email correspondence), to share error messages to network support... so without further ado, here is InfoPathways' latest White Paper on PRINT SCREEN:

Print Screen: Capture an Image
of Your Computer Screen

Visuals are often better descriptions that words. Print Screen is a wonderfully amazing tool that will make your life a lot easier as a computer user. With today's technology, you can capture an image of your entire monitor screen, you can "snip" a portion of an image to go along with verbiage, you can explain a computer issue by sharing a capture of a pop-up, and much more!

This whitepaper shares a few ways to create images of your computer screen... click below to continue reading!